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At the time of the Corona virus, the number of people allowed in a particular area of a business or event venue is in many cases limited by the government. What this means for you is that each entrance to an area must have one or more security guards regulating entry.

In addition to the fact that this becomes very expensive and complex in the long run in buildings with multiple entrances, it can additionally lead to customer-unfriendly situations. Customers feel watched and monitored.

The new TRACKSPOT software solves this problem. A one-time investment that saves you personnel costs and gives you the opportunity to inform or promote your customers in a friendly way. And it is completely customised for you.

Even without the Corona access restrictions, TRACKSPOT is the ideal product for managing and controlling your visitor flows.


How does TRACKSPOT help you?

Our advanced Ceiling camera monitors the number of people entering and leaving an area. Naturally, no faces or other details are recorded, in order to protect the personal rights of your customers.

A personalised dashboard on a monitor of your choice shows in the entrance area whether people are allowed to enter the area. Your visitors can be informed or entertained by individual content (e.g. info videos, advertising videos) of your choice.

If the maximum number of people is (almost) exceeded, employees can optionally receive an acoustic signal. Visitors are also informed by messages in the dashboard.

But TRACKSPOT can do more than just count visitors. It is possible to collect demographic data, such as gender and height. For example, children can be recognised and dashboard content can be displayed to them at precisely the right time.

And you don’t need any further technical purchases, just a stable internet connection. You can display the dashboard to your visitors on your existing screens.
The software is browser-based and can be controlled from any Internet-capable device. So you also have the possibility to access the system when you are not on site.

What are the advantages of TRACKSPOT?

Strong partners

In cooperation with Beckerbillett – the leading supplier of POS and access systems in the German-speaking world.


Your systems

Connect your existing systems to Trackspot. We support all systems from Beckerbillett, Xovis and many more.

Return on Investment

Invest in the future of your business, not in security staff and administrative expenses.

Statistical analysis

Evaluate your visitor numbers of the corresponding locations in detail and clearly arranged. Get a better overview.

On Premise / Cloud

You do not want a cloud solution? TRACKSPOT is also available On Premise for your IT landscape.


Do not leave valuable advertising or information space unused. Have advertising tailored to your visitors displayed. You decide which and how much.


Inform your visitors in a customer-friendly way with personalised dashboards.


Have your dashboard exclusively customised to your design. Concept, creation, design and production


How does TRACKSPOT work?

Our very precise Ceiling camera is installed at all entrances or areas required for surveillance. Via a network connection, this camera sends information in real time to the TRACKSPOT platform. The number of people entering and leaving the area is counted with maximum accuracy.

Your personalised dashboard can then be displayed on any internet-enabled device/screen. You could therefore work with your own PCs and monitors and do not need to invest in additional technology.

The dashboard controls when your visitors can enter the area. Furthermore, it is possible to inform your employees by means of an acoustic signal when the maximum number of people has been reached. So you have the possibility to react immediately.

Are you INTERESTED? Register with TRACKSPOT without obligation.

Are you INTERESTED? Register with TRACKSPOT without obligation.


For example, you can use TRACKSPOT in museums, zoos, amusement parks, retail outlets, department stores, shopping centres, cable cars and public transport.

For example, Germany and France already use TRACKSPOT:

TRACKSPOT partner at trade fair

Our French reseller Hermieu iPrint Solution was at a trade fair in Puy du Fou in September 2021, presenting the function of TRACKSPOT.

How satisfied are our customers?

This year’s Federal Horticultural Show in Erfurt is relying on TRACKSPOT. The following interview will tell you about their experiences with it:

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