Creation of individual dashboards

Photos, graphics, ads, videos

You would like to add an individual dashboard to your TRACKSPOT software, but unfortunately you don’t have any appealing videos and images to get your visitors’ attention?

You lack the time and/or know-how to create or have created an individual dashboard according to your wishes?

Our designer (Phine Design) is part of the founding team of TRACKSPOT and can therefore best advise you on how the content of your dashboard will particularly appeal to your visitors and create the appropriate dashboards for you.

What is possible with a dashboard?

The way TRACKSPOT software works is that you can set all settings and evaluations on a secure interface in your browser and display a dashboard to your visitors on the designated monitor.

For example, TRACKSPOT can detect via the ceiling camera that a class of primary school children is entering and a dashboard of content for children is displayed in real time.

What content can I display in a dashboard?

Full-screen content of your choosing, such as on:
– upcoming events,
– news,
– codes of conduct or
– advertising

Contact us for an individual offer

We will only use the information you provide in this form to contact you once and will delete it at your request. Please send us a separate e-mail for this purpose.

Your dashboard designer will be happy to advise you:

Josephine Schütte – Digital Design
Email: josephine@trackspot.de